Repetition Is The Key To Success In Anything

success-takes-repetitionIf there is a single thing that consistently causes people to fail it is lack of repetition. Repetition is the key to success and is vital for those who want to learn a new skill. In fact, it is so important that it bears repeating: repetition is the key to success.

Are you already tired of hearing me repeat that? Unfortunately, most of us simply do not like repetition. We turn on the television and we do not want to see reruns; in fact, we expect a new and exciting episode every week. However, without repetition the chances are good that we will not internalize something and will not really learn it.

When you are reading something like my book “Built To Lead”, there is a lot of information for you to internalize. This does not mean to read it once and “file it away.” In fact, it is rather silly to expect anyone to internalize material that is read only once. Instead, I suggest keeping a highlighter by your side or using your electronic highlighter function to highlight important passages as you read. Anything that jumps out at you should be highlighted. Once you have finished reading, re-read only the highlighted passages once a month. You will find after a few months you are retaining far more than you imagined you could, simply due to the power of repetition.

Another simple trick is to jot down an idea on a sticky note and place it in a visible location where you will see it daily. Keep it up for a month, then transfer it to a special board along with other sticky notes from past months. Whenever you transfer an “old” idea and put up a new one, re-read the entire board. You will be surprised how deeply these ideas come to influence you.

If you really want to be successful, you have to be willing to do things more than once. One pushup does not make you fit! Rather, repetition of pushups is the key to success if you want to develop strong arms. In all endeavors, repetition is the key to success!

Talk about highlighting and rereading. One pushup doesn’t make a body fit and healthy. Relate this to the blog. Go through the blog and bookmark/ reread articles.


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