Allow Me To Verbally Slap You Upside The Head – Business Reality Check Time!

slapDon’t get me wrong: I am not a violent man. However, in my book Built To Lead, I discuss a scene from the movie Moonstruck in which Cher slaps Nicolas Cage upside the head while yelling, “Snap out of it!” I call this slap upside the head a “business reality check” when it happens to someone in “real life.”

Unfortunately, this slap of reality often comes in the form of a pink slip for managers. There is a very simple reality that you must understand in business: if you are not making things better, you are making things worse. Those who make things worse will eventually lose their jobs.

Instead of getting your reality check in the form of a notice to vacate your office, allow me to deliver the slap in verbal form. It is time to wake up and “snap out of it!” You may be fooling yourself that what you are doing is good enough, but if you are not rising above the rest of the crowd you are probably on your way out the door. You simply do not realize it yet.

Fortunately, there is still time to turn things around for most of you reading this. You can learn the principles and practices that result in better leadership, more productivity and, ultimately, job security and advancement. In my book Built to Lead, I address a number of these principles and give you the tools you need to grow your business and become the leader you were made to be.

It is true that a slap upside the head is painful. However, it is not nearly as painful as losing your job or failing at creating the business you have dreamed of! Instead of learning by failure, why not take the opportunity to benefit from a business reality check? When you read my book Built To Lead and you become a true leader in your business, you will not only enjoy more job security but will double, triple or quadruple your business’s growth—a sure way to get the attention of those who matter!

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