Do My Employees Hate Me?

Mad-EmployeeYou might be surprised at how many hardheaded and seemingly unemotional managers are actually “big softies” on the inside.  They might never say so, but many managers, even those who seem not to care, are secretly asking themselves, “Do my employees hate me?”  While it is unusual for employees to literally hate their bosses, they often feel that their bosses do not care about them.  This lack of caring about your employees, or at least the perception of indifference, often leads employees to perform at less than optimum levels.

If your employees believe that you do not care about them, they are unlikely to want to go the extra mile or work hard to make you successful.  In fact, you may find that they subtly sabotage your efforts with passive resistance to your efforts to move your company forward.  Many managers have the vague feeling that their employees are unhappy but never really delve into the reasons behind their dislike.

In order to convince your employees that you care, you must show them rather than tell them.  One great way to do this is by offering rewards and incentives for good performance.  Everyone likes to be recognized for hard work, so offering employees a reward for various achievements is a great way to show them you do notice their efforts and care about their feelings.

A great way to reward your employees for their hard work is to visit MyEmployees at and explore the options we have for employee recognition.  We offer consultations with professionals, award products, videos and even a blog to help you learn more about ways to show that you care for your employees and recognize their contributions to your company.  You can take the time to recognize achievements and support your employees through a variety of methods shown on our website.  You can also receive the help you need to provide recognition for your employees.

Showing that you are a caring manager will relieve the worry about that age-old question:  “Do my employees hate me?”  When you show that you are interested in caring about your employees, you can stop worrying about whether they are happy working for you.

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