How to Learn Something New Every Day

elearning_image1Do you want to know the secret of staying young, vibrant and active even when you are old? Learn something new every day, and never stop learning! Research shows that those who learn new things exercise their brain on a regular basis and remain sharp and vibrant for a long time, while those who simply give up learning tend to deteriorate mentally as they age. One of the great things about learning new things is that it is exercise for your brain, keeping it toned and healthy just like physical exercise tones your body.

One of the simplest ways to keep learning new things is to read every single day. In fact, I read three hours a day and if, for some reason, I miss my reading time, I get withdrawals! I have always believed in the worlds of former President Harry S. Truman, “Not all readers are leaders, but ALL leaders are readers.” As a leader, it is not optional for me to read. I must read to learn new information, to test out my ideas by comparing them to others and to discover things I never knew.

As a manager and company owner, I also owe it to my employees to stretch my brain. Who wants a boss who is completely closed off to new things? Who wants to work for a company where no one ever learns or tries out something different? No one wants a boss who cannot stretch his or her mind and learn things that will benefit both the company and the individual employees. Therefore, I actually owe it to my employees to broaden my mind by reading and learning everything possible.

I like to learn something new every day. Besides my vociferous reading on all types of subjects, I also like to share my ideas with others and listen to their ideas. A big part of learning is listening. I never learned anything new by talking, but I have learned a lot by concentrating on what others are saying! To me, there is never an excuse to close your mind or to fail to learn things from those around you. Simply put, you should never stop learning, no matter how high you rise in your company or how old you are!

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