Leadership Principles And Practices, Do You Have Them?

boss-vs-leader-800x800What does it mean to be a leader? We use the terms “leadership” and “management,” but sometimes we do not realize what they mean. There are some basic leadership principles that always apply if you want to be a true inspiration to your employees. These leadership principles and practices do not change and are not dependent on what type of business you own and operate. No matter if you are a low-level manager, a regional supervisor or the owner of a company these leadership principles will always serve you well!

• Rethink your role. If you are simply showing up every day, making sure that everyone does his or her job and going home, you are missing one of the biggest points of being a manager: growing your business. You are not there to supervise employees; you are there to grow the opportunities for employees to do even more than they are already doing.

• Document best practices. Of course you have to do a certain amount of management, but there is only one way to do this effectively: document the best way to do every single job in your company. From floor sweeper to regional manager, every employee should have easy access to documentation that clearly shows the best way to do his or her job. This will save you a great deal of valuable time that you can spend growing opportunities for your company.

• Care about your employees. When I say this, I mean it. I do not mean “act like you care about your employees.” I mean really and truly care about them. If you do not, they will know, I promise you! Step outside of your own worries and think about what your employees are seeing and struggling with on a daily basis. Listen to them and given them a safe haven in which they can express their frustrations or ideas without fear of reprisal. Remove negative leaders and replace them with positive ones. Your employees may not remember what you say, but they will certainly remember what you do!

Great leadership is not an accident. It is always based on sound leadership principles that allow you to become the manager or owner you were meant to be. With the right leadership principles and practices you will show everyone that you are “Built To Lead”!

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